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Hi I am 15 years old and a couple months ago I noticed a large lump on my neck and my neck does hurt all the time, I get bad headaches everyday and it takes me hours to fall asleep at night I didnt think anything of it intill today while at school someone noticed it and asked me if I had cancer an that got me thinking is it possible?
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replied September 16th, 2005
a Large Lump
Hi cassie,

as everyone here keeps recommending to anyone asking about stuff like that: have it checked out! It isn't necessarily anything, but the longer you wait, the worse it will get if it is something. And if you're worried about the cost of the doctor, it will only get more expensive. This is not the right place to save money.

Personally, i'm battling hodgkin's lymphoma, which was diagnosed from a lump above my collar bone, so I know what i'm talking about. But i've had other lumps that haven't been anything, so don't get too worried. Just check it out and you'll sleep better.

All the best.
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