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Depression Or Something More???

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I am 24yrs old and for about the past year i’ve noticed some things very different from how I used to be and act as compared to how I am and I act currently. I was and am very quiet and I get flustered very easily; I also have been diagnosed as being depressed. For about a year i’ve noticed that I have thoughts that randomly kind of just pop up in my head or things will happen to make a memory from years ago come up and I have either been kind of “weirded out” or I get angry, or upset. Also i’ve also noticed I say things like, “go away” and “i hate you, “ I say these to the thoughts “popping” in my head, but sometimes I just say them, however I have no idea why.

I have seen the definition of depression and of schizophrenia but I can’t pinpoint what could be wrong. Any ideas???
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replied September 15th, 2005
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was there a particular event which triggered your depression and the flash backs you appear to be experiencing? I also experienced flash backs when I was going through depression, but they seemed to go away by themselves with time.

It might help to talk to a therapist about these flash backs.
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replied September 16th, 2005
Well..Depression comes with a lot of varied thoughts and it may differ from person to person. I think you need the help of a professional a psychiatrist .
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