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Just Had a Tubil Ligation And ??

I just had a tubil ligation and my doctor said everything went well. Then later that night I had alot of pain in my chest ( unbelieveable). The only way I was comfortable was up on all fours. After screaming my husband came up and asked if I was ok. I couldn't move I hurt so bad, so I had him call 911. The perimedics said that it was just the pain from having surgery, where they blow up your belly. I didn't care all I knew is it hurt really bad. After I got to the er they addmitted me, after blood work and chest x-rays. They didn't find anything then at 2-3 am they did a ultra sound and I had blood in my pancreas ( 1 and 1/2 liters). The did another surgery that morning at 7 am. And they don't know how it happened and i'm trying to find answers. If anyone could tell me I would be greatful. I really like my doctor and trust that everything went right but I just don't know.
Can anyone help me out here? Is this a normal risk when you get a tubil or not? I just want answers and I don't seem to be getting any.
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