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Bloody Show

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I love to post b/c im so bored anyways do you always get a bloody show before labor? I have the mucus that looks like snot that ive been loosing for weeks but no blood. Will I have a bloody show or does some women not have that and go into labor?? Just wondering
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replied September 9th, 2005
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Not Always
You might not get one, or you might not see it anyway.

Sometimes it comes out when you water breaks, and it all mixed up with amniotic fluid etc- so you'd probably not notice it. Some women loose it weeks before birth, some just before, some actually during birth, and some never know- I never saw anything with my first. My waters broke unexpectedly at 36 weeks, and I for a while I didn't even realise that's what happened- it was just a trickle at first, and I thought I had become incontinent from not taking my pelvic floor excersizes seriously enough !!!!!
I worried for a couple of hours about whether doing them very seriously from then on would help, or whether I was too late, and i'd be inco9ntinent for the rest of my life- and how i'd hide this from everyone- before it occured to me that I actually didn't have a full bladder at all, and the suspicion finally set in.
It was when I was on my hands and kness feeling under the bed for where I knew I had nudged my address book with the hospital's number that I got a proper gush of fluid.

It's different for everyone.

It won't be long now....
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