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Could It Be Trapped Gas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there I wonder if any one could tell me what they think. Doctors havent been much help :evil: . When I was 7wks pregnant I suffered with what felt lke traped wind under the rib cage left side, it gradually got worse with tummy sore to touch even on the surface of the skin in certain parts.
Towards the end of the pregnancy it was up into my shoulder blades and now 6mths on its still there and very painful. Constantly. Before I fell pregnant I used to pass wind allthe time sometimes quite smelly :oops: . Now I struggle to do anything other than burp not very often though. The doc has told that you cant get trapped wind constanly up into your upper back and that I must have strained it but the pain feels like its trapped wind. I have tried every thing to physio to a chiropractor even they cant feel anything which would cause a back issue. I was told a few years back that I suffer with I b s and constipation. But now the pain has spread across the front lower belly.

Please any advise :(
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replied December 10th, 2009
trapped gas
In doing a little research for ulcers, which I am fairly sure I have one, Miralax was suggested as a laxative and as I was reading about people trying Miralax I read about people experiencing trapped gas in their shoulder. I too am a notorius farter (See enzyme therapy for that) and have experienced less of it since I have been on the drug for the ulcer. So while, not certtain, I have experienced pain under on the right front side of my rib cage as well as between my right scapula and neck bone, or in that area, kinda hard to pin point now. So I was looking how to get it out of me and the only thing I can think of is to strap myself to the back stretching boards that are on a holder so that you can be tilted upside down. Then maybe the gas will rise. Anyway, good luck.
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