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Hi, my name is david, i'm 22 years old. I'd appreciate if anyone can help me
before I go to a doctor. 2-3 days ago I started having a pain in my lower
back, what I think is the coccyx. The pain got really bad and I noticed a
sort of bump is there all the way down there where the you know what starts
(please excuse my language, i'm very illiterate when it comes to medical
terms) the bump is alittle more to the left than right in the middle. Now
the last thing I remember doing of anything out of everyday things is lifting
my car up a day or two before the pain started. I jacked up the car and did
a lot of pressure and very fast to put the car up, I also think I did not do
it in the best position.

Now the pain is pretty bad and almost with any big body movement, standing up,
sitting down, laying down, bending etc... It hurts. When i'm sitting it
hurts, when i'm laying in bed face up it hurts, it hurts a little if I get
sideways or in the fetal? Position. When i'm standing or walking it hurts
sometimes, specially if i've been sitting long. If I touch the bump it hurts
like when you have a bruise but there's no sign of bruising or anything
except a litlle bump. The bump is pretty hard, almost feels like a bone
maybe? I've been taking tylenol to relieve the pain because, although it
isn't umbearable (it takes a lot of pain for me to not tolerate) it is
unconfortable and mostly when i'm in one position for a long period of time.
I don't feel it as bad as 2 days ago (that was the worst) but it may be
because i'm taking the tylenol every 5-6 hours.

I've never had a back pain so bad before. I work in an office and most of
the day i'm sitting in my desk, then when i'm home i'm also mostly sitting
all the time. I have had some pain in my back from sitting too long and i've
also felt the pain i'm feeling now but very very lightly when I sit for hours
and hours and kind of not sitting straight. I've also notice a little bump,
not as big as it is now, when that happens.

Yesterday I felt much better, I stayed home all day without doing anything.
Last night I didn't take any tylenol and went to sleep. At around 3 o'clock
i woke up and couldn't sleep anymore because of the pain again so I took
tylenol and felt a little better. Today it hurts where the bump is but i
don't get those acute pains, just little ones, when moving. It hurts more
when I come in contact with the bump like when I sit.

Oh, i've never had any injuries or surgeries before.

Any help appreciated.
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replied September 8th, 2005
I don't know anything about it, but it might be a ruptured or out-of-place disc
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