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Positive Book On Living With Bipolar

Read loads of stuff some rubbish, some ok but have just read a really positive autobiography on living with it. The girl developed it her teens and is now and it is her story of getting it and being really really ill and then getting to grips with it.

Think it is the best account of the condition that I have read so far and it is a very positive account of learning to handle it. It is quite constructive with what she found helped her.

Her mum then wrote her version of the story too which is most unusual and will be very helpful for families and the professionals - there can't be many other joint publications on living with mental illness about. My folks found it very useful and they cope with me better now.

The naked bird watcher by suzy johnston
to walk on eggshells by jean johnston

maybe this will help some of you or at least help your families to understand.
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replied October 11th, 2005
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Some Other Good Books.
Touched with fire by kay redfield jamison who's bipolar and a professor of psychiatry)
an unquiet mind by kay redfield jamison
the bipolar disorder survival guide david j miklowitz
bipolar disorder demystified by lana r castle (who's bipolar)
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