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Hi guys!!
I'm new here and I hope you can help me... This is my problem. My guy is sick but we don't know yet what's wrong with him, he has been feeling sick for 8/9 months already, he has gone to some doctors, and they still don't have a clue of what can it be wrong. He has passed for so many tests and all of them have been ok! So if someone has passed for the same situation or have any advice for me, i'd be very greatful...

These are his symntoms... (by the way sorry for my english :s)

- shankings all over his body (arms, legs, tongue, chest, etc)
- burning sensation mainly in chest and stomach
- kind of stomach ache (but it's not stomach ache)
- blur vision (maybe for 10 seconds, and that doesn't happen very often)
- weird feeling/noises in his head... Have you see boiling water, like kind of "plops" sounds
- loosing skin
- sometimes he gets dizzy.. But not very often
- kind of head ache... But the same... It's not exactly a normal head ache... It's more like... Weird sensations
- sometimes he gets some weird noises in his ears
- chest pain (but it's not his heart.. His heart is completely fine)

he's not into drugs or alcohol or that kind of things... He's been a very healthy guy during all his life.. So we don't know what can be wrong with him.

He has gone through lots of tests... Blood tests, heart tests, etc... And everything has been ok. The only thing they have found is a high levels in blood of a substance called "cortisol" it's weird.. Sometimes it has been normal.. Some others not, some others a little low.. At the beginning doctors thought it was a problem with his glands.. The thyroid and that kind of things, but all the tests turned out to be fine, so now they are thinking that maybe the problem is a neurological problem but they are not quite sure yet... They still think maybe it's something with his glands... So what do you think guys?

Has someone passed through this?... It's my first post so I don't know if there are doctors around, or specialist.. But if someone can give me your point of view, or any advice... Please help us. I'm desperate, as he is... This nightmare seems endless and the only thing we have heard during all these months is "no clue" "that's so strange" ":s who knows what's wrong with you :sSad" and we have even found people that just thinks he's going crazy grrrr that's so frurstrating... He's feeling bad everyday, and to hear that it's just awful! I hope someone here can help us!!

Thank you very much in advance!!!!!
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