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Separated By Distance And Now He's Calling It Quits

We met when I was on holiday and he was working on an holiday island. We had a good chat, and all round good time we met up again a month later when he came to my country. I took another holiday to his place a month later and we hit it off, again.

We always have such a good time together, seemed perfectly in tune to each other.

Two nights ago he broke it off, cos it was too hard, and wouldnt work out in the future. Was shell shocked - I knew it was tough, just didnt expect him to give up so soon.

Now not only am I left with crushed hopes and broken heart, I have to go on this holiday exactly a month from now which was initially supposed to be with him. I cant cancel or postpone and i'm sort of dreading it, cos i'll be thinking about him and the fun we were supposed to have together.

Barely 6 months ago I got my heart broken as well and I really really thought this was going to be different. I don't know how much more I can take, its really really hurting me.
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replied September 4th, 2005
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I'm sorry for that. Maybe he is more rational. Maybe he felt the same way, that you will end up apart, and didn't want to suffer more. You have to admit that it is better to brake up now than in a year or two...It is much more painful the latter.

Try taking your best friend with you...Or a girl that you get along with to that vacation...It may help you a lot...

As for the fact that you recently had to go through another breakup...I don't know what to say....Perhaps you should try not to get too much involved with someone you don't know for that long. Try taking time to get to know them better before making plans together. Anyway, although it is painful, you have to meet new guys...You can't lock yourself in the house....
Try to find a guy which is a friend of your friends or someone at work...Maybe this will give you a little more assurance than meeting a guy on holiday...Usually people on holiday just want to have fun and nothing more. And definetly don't start a long distance relationship if you are so hurt...It is very likely to get hurt again...

Anyway....Be strong. Even if you feel this is the worst thing in the whole world, it will get better....You will find happiness, just don't trust people that easy and don't look for it...Let it find you....

Good luck!
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