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Prisms And Crystals Before Eyes Before Migraine

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i had a weird thing happen today. I suddenly got prism like shapes, almost like holding crystals in the sunlight. Around my visual area on the outter side. Everything was a bit distorted, for about 15 minutes, no pain nothing....Then suddenly....Wow....Right side headache hit me. This was pretty scary, I thought I was going blind. Is this typical of a migraine?
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replied September 2nd, 2005
Does amitriptyline work and is there any other medicine for migraine that does not cause weight gain?
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replied September 14th, 2005
It sounds like a visual aura, which about 20% of migraine sufferers have, and the pain you describe is typical of migraine pain. Before you try a preventive, like amitriptyline, you may want to talk to your doctor about taking a migraine abortive. You take these when you notice the aura and they can lessen the headache pain or make it go away completely. If you don't have frequent migraines, this is a better option than taking preventives. If they are frequent, you can take an abortive along with a preventive.

Triptans are the most commonly used migraine abortives. There are several different ones, including imitrex, relpax and maxalt. Many people have to try several different ones to find the med that works the best for them. They have different side effects and results in different people. They do not cause weight gain.

Only a small percentage of people actually gain weight on preventives. It takes a long time of trial and error to figure out what preventive works for you. Their effectiveness varies from one person to another. It's not impossile to find one, but if an abortive works and you don't get too many migraines, I think that's the way to go.

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replied October 20th, 2010
May be more extreme than you think
You might want to check with your OBGYN if you are over 30 and on birthcontrol your can be close to a stroke DO NOT take this lightly. Happened in my family and MANY doctors misdiagnosed for migraines which I have Migraine, Cluster Migraines, Hemi-plegic Migrains, and have had 8 brain surgeries for 2 anerysms, NOT KIDDING!I get the same symtoms after every surgery. The only thing that makes it go away for me is to lay down and close my eye. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR...
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