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the Secret to An Easy Labor

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Hi ladies its $horty.....If you havnt read any of my post on tips during pregnancy, well....I signed up for weekly tips sent by e*mail and im pasteing them here..... I dont no how these ones work since I havnt gone into labor yet but....Every other one has really helpped me out!!! Good luck, and deff. Remember this one!.........

After my last labor newsletter I received hundreds of emails asking for more advice on labor and delivery. So, here are more tips to increase your confidence and to help you have an easy labor (just like I did!).

Firstly, you must must must get your mind on board. Most people don't realize just how powerful the mind is and how much can be accomplished when you have your mind on your side!

Think positive thoughts, visualize your end result, listen to relaxing music - even talk yourself into an easy labor! Remember, just as you've talked yourself “into” your labor fears, you can also talk yourself “out” of them (i did it, and it works!).

Actually, learning to talk your mind “into” or “out of” things is a great skill - and not only for labor! Try talking a 17 month old into brushing her teeth - being persuasive is a real art that will carry you through labor, delivery, motherhood and beyond!

Some other useful labor techniques that I highly recommend (give them a try, they definitely helped me and all my friends!):

1. Use a body ball to sit, lean on, hug, even squat against- it’s comfortable and encourages positive movement;

2. Take a shower if you can (i found the warm water really helped ease the pain!);

3. Create a relaxing environment (music, candles, massage - whatever works!); and

4. Move around as much as possible (this should decrease the length of your labor!) if you're stuck in a small hospital room - be creative and take advantage of every little corner!

And most importantly…

leave your expectations outside the delivery room!

Try not to have any expectations about how you're going to perform (i.E. Wanting to deliver naturally), this will put pressure on you - and you don't need it! Rather, just take it one minute at a time and do your best - you’ll get much better results.
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