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Air Bubble Sensation In Ear

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Hi, I have recently been scuba diving and had recently gone to the doctors because my ears felt like there was water in them two days after diving but there was not. The doctor had used the microscope and told me my ears were bleeding and said in a nut shell they will heal and no damage was done.

It has been a week and the last two days my one ear feels like it is full of air or an air bubble in inside my ear canal, reducing my hearing in the ear. My hearing sounds muffled from the air. If I shake my head like I am trying to release trapped water the air dissipates and my hearing returns to normal for about a minute then fills up with air again. Also, when I wake up in the morning, or tilt my head horizontal my ear is normal until I am vertical and walking around then it feels like I am listening to things through an air bubble again.

Is this part of the healing process or may my ear be healing incorrectly? Is there anything I can do to return to normal hearing?

Any ideas?

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