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10 Tips to Looking Good With That Baby Bump Mamiz-2-b!!

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Hey, wad up its $horty....I ordered this online for my weekly e*mail tip during pregnancy.......You have to read these (i'm putting more in the forums)........They are to help you feel good about yourself during your pregnancy! They really really have helped me, and I hope they help yall out too....Good luck mamis-2-b!!!! (remember I dint write them tho...If you really like them, theres a web site at the bottem of the page.......)

you absolutely do not have to feel uncomfortable and unattractive your entire 10 months! To help you out - here are some simple secrets that I discovered during my pregnancy to help me look and feel good...

Top 10 tips for looking hot during your pregnancy:

1. Don't give up on dressing up!

Being pregnant definitely does not mean that you have to give up on dressing up!

I know, when you don't feel good it's hard to get motivated to take that extra care - but believe me, you will feel much better when you do it. You don't have to go overboard, just put on black pants, a nice top, and some makeup and get out!

2. Buy in bigger sizes

buy regular clothes that are 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you would normally wear. This will help you to stay in style and feel good about the way you look until you're ready to fit into regular maternity clothes (depending on your body, i'd say around 4 months).

My favorite was a one-piece trendy sweat outfit - I bought it in a large, whereas pre-pregnancy I was a small! It was great because the waist was loose and slightly elastic, with a drawstring so I could adjust it and stretch it - I wore it up until I was 6 months!

3. Below the belly is in

low-rise is "in" - take advantage of it, it's the perfect fit for a pregnant tummy! I bought a pair of black low-waisted stretch pants that lasted me quite a while.

The best purchase I made, though, was a stretchy black, low-waisted skirt that lasted me my whole pregnancy (i also wore it a lot after I delivered!).

4. Flaunt that belly baby!

Buy fitted tops that show off your belly (don't hide in a tent!). Your pregnant belly is beautiful so show it off! If fitted isn't your style - that's ok - but trying to cover up in over-sized shirts will only make you look bigger! Really!

5. Quality is key

spend a little money on some key pregnancy pieces such as a white blouse, black pants, black skirt, jeans etc. Good quality products should be adjustable and fit you for most of your pregnancy.

6. Get help from the professionals

make sure you shop at a maternity store where the sales people are knowledgeable. The first pair of pants that I was "wrongly" advised to buy ended up fitting me for a whole two weeks!

7. Accessorize

wear a necklace, bracelet or nice shoes to "dress your outfit up". I loved my little sparkly necklace - it attracted everyone's attention away from those parts that I wasn't feeling so good about!

For those of us heading into winter a cute scarf, hat, or fun bag can also do the job!

8. Spoil your feet

swollen feet are one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. Besides a good footbath, choose flat slip-ons or zip up boots (if you're in winter!).

9. Stay cool

be sure to dress in layers - you don't want to get caught sweating buckets when your pregnancy thermostat kicks in (hello overheating!).

10. Stretch is best

flaunt your assets by wearing stretchy fabrics - and of course, showing some skin! You'll do even better if you dress for your body type and attract attention to your good parts, not your bad ones!
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