If any-one has got sick after accidentally drinking bad/mouldy apple juice, please tell about your experience and what your doing about it… harmful bacterium/pathogens/e-coli

Confused I have been infected with three forms of harmful bacterium/pathogens/e-coli: enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freund, proleus vulgaris.

They have been and are, no-fun...!

Question * I am led to believe that these 3 harmful bacterium (above) are natural to the human intestines; I am uncertain of this fact. Would anyone have any main street medicine quote (s) to support that these harmful bacterium/pathogens are not natural to the human intestinal tract/body..?

Sad my health problems all started (febuary/04) soon after accidentally drinking mouldy apple juice. 3 weeks later I lost 35 pounds, it become very painful to breath, my skin face-arms- torso & my legs turned (completely) a yellow/green color, mental fuzziness, a constant sweat musty odour to my breath accompanied by a persistent toxic cough, back of tongue hart a lot & it was swollen all the time – I would slur when talking, sever burning/stinging all through my intestinal tract, mostly constipation, food came out the same way it when in, my skin would just tare open at the slightest touch, urine turned very dark & had a scanty odour, no energy, and for the first year I slept about 13 hours a-day.

Surprised i’ve since gained my weight back (with great difficulty), but it can still fluctuate 5 to 10 lbs over a day or two. My symptoms are now not as bad, but still persist to be a daily problem… I think? I am getting better…

Confused If any-one else has had, or is having a similar experience after getting bad/mouldy apple juice, I would like to (if you don’t mind) know about your experience and what your doing about it…

Idea * if anyone is knowledgeable or has had any luck on how to kill these harmful bacterium/pathogens, it would totally be appreciated…

enterobacter cloacae, citrobacter freund, proleus vulgaris

thank you all: sincerely dave / david… friendlydaysportsman
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replied August 31st, 2005
Extremely eHealthy
I know this was not from bad apple juice, but I had a friend once who got so sick in her intestines, she was sick for months. She ended up on steroids and months of antibiotics. She lost like 50 lbs almost shriviled up. It was from swimming in contaminated water--i think with algea(but not for sure) whatever king of pathogen that would be. I dont think it would be the same as moldy apple juice right??

Hope you feel better---some things have to have dr intervention--but when the dr dont know what is going on--where do we go??
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replied April 7th, 2010
Food poising from apple juice
My health problems started April 5/10 after drinking Some apple juice that tasted mouldy . About an hour after drinking it nausea and vomiting occurred witch continued off and on all night.It has been two days now and the vomiting has slowed but intense tiredness and lightheadedness , sore muscles , no appetite are the main problems now also chest feels heavy.I feel certain that the other problems are due to the lack of food in my system , I am trying to eat lite foods and drink sugar water with honey to get some energy.If you can offer any other remedies that would be helpful .
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replied April 28th, 2011
juice poisoning
i had orange juice do the same to me two days ago. it started about 45 minutes after i drank it and is still afftecing me. i had horrible diarrhea, severe vomiting that at times was almost violent and unimaginable chest pains. my husband had almost called 911 and later compared it to my reactions to labor pains. i was still very confused and couldnt get my son ready for school the next day because standing would cause me to black-out. it was terrifying! i can imagine what would have happened if i had given the juice to one of my children!
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replied April 9th, 2010
I am just trying to look for an answer for me, and came across this. I took a few sips of apple juice on 4/7 about 11 pm, which I thought it tasted funny. I woke up about 4 am feeling sick, then threw up. The next day, I had bad chill, cold sweat, shakiness, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, and weakness. I slept all day on 4/8. Today is 4/9. I haven''t thrown up, but I am having a terrible diarrhea (pure liquid) and going to bathroom about every 15 minutes or so. I wonder if it''s some kind of food poisoning from the apple juice and I should report to health department. My husband took a sip and he has same, but milder symptoms. Kids didn''t drink, and they are healthy.
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replied April 24th, 2010
food poisoning from apple juice
I''m wondering what bacteria to test for bad apple juice? Also remedies.
I drank apple juice that tasted like vinager. Wasn''t sure cause my taste buds were off. Since then I have had stomach aches, cramping, bloting, first the runs, now the opposite.
I would love advise.
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replied November 29th, 2010
Some time it will be happen but it the fault of man also. Food Poisoning From Apple Juice is not so dangerous.

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