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I Need Some Help With the Symptoms After a Hysterectomy

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Hello I am 33 years old ..I had my hysterectomy on nov.22 of 04 so it will be a year this nov.....Well I have had this is my second time having this symptoms ...Which are ..Like having your peroid ...But not with the full blown bleeding ....I have cramps, bloatness, wanting to eat , but cant get full , wanting to run away .....U get the pic.

I want to know if this is normal. I have still have my ovaries. Both of them ....And when I get the cramps it hurts to go pee and when I wip it has some blood on it .I dont spot in the underwear but just when I wip ....

Please help me ..I tried looking it up ..But as ya all know computers sometimes arent very helpful .....So please help me ..Thanks

a worried and hurting women..... :?
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replied August 31st, 2005
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You would still go through all the stages of cycle--except for the bleeding. The bloatyness, wanting to eat sweets, middle pains(which I get), ovulation symptoms. And the like

the lite blood could be from urinary tract, but hope not from female organs, that might not be a good thing.

I would say it might be a good idea to see a doc about this. I dont think pple with hysterectomy should bleed at all.(if its not from the urinary tract)
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