I just want to thank everyone in advance for replying and for input on this situation.
It seems as though since I was 16 (i am 23 now) I have only had serious relationships with men, but find myself to be more sexually attracted to women. It is veru hard to explain - almost like I get emotionally attached to men, but am extremely physically attracted to other women. This has also been an issue in past relationships.
My problem is that I am currently in a serious relationship with an incredible man who treats me fantasic. Only recently I am realizing that I am not as attracted to him, and do not want to end up being unfaithful. Does this mean that I will never find that one person - man or woman - who will fulfill me both emotionally and physically? Is anyone in this similar situation?
I am scared to leave the current relationship because I love him so much, but do not want to go through life not being sexually fulfilled?
Thanks again,
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replied August 29th, 2005
Thats a really tuff spot to be in, unfortunantely the easiest way to deal with relational issues is to talk to your partner about them. He deserves to know where you are in your life, who knows maybe things will work out exactly how you want them to. Good luck and sorry taht I couldnt be more helpful.
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