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[braces] Is This Available In India?

Hi all

im a 26 y/o dutch national, living in india for the past 4 years and working in bangalore at the moment

i have been a patient at the dental hospital in bangkok for the past 1 year now and recently (begin august) I went there for wisdom teeth removal and the 4 premolars, at the front,for the braces I was going to get

removal of 8 teeth in 1 go, under intravenous sedation... Kinda freaky,...But finally that has been done

now, I also got my braces , I have the damon 3 system, very hard to see, not too much force and fast results
these braces makes it possible to visit the orthodontic every 2 or 3 months in sted of the normal 4 weeks/1 month checkup/adjusting

my question:

the damon 3 brackets is a 'new' system...And most likely not available in india everywere

i would like to know where I can go for these checkups, in a qualified institute which can handle the (checkup & adjustment of) damon 3 brackets.

Preferably a specialist in bangalore or delhi

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