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Two Corpus Luteal Cysts?

I estimate that I became pregnant between july 22 - july 26. My estimated due date is april 17th/18th 2006. This is the beginning of my 6th week of pregnancy.

This past sunday I had a spotting incident after straining during a bowel movement. Based on my history my doctor went ahead and saw me for a check-up to make sure I wasn't at the beginning stages of miscarriage. While doing a sonogram she discovered that I have two cysts.

This freaked me out when she said this. She called them cysts of pregancy and said they are normal, that they sustain the pregnancy. When I got home I did research to assure myself.

Every month during her cycle a woman's ovary produces a cyst. What happens is the ovary makes "follicles." within these follicles is the egg. The eggs matures. When it is mature it then breaks through the follicles and on down into the fallopian tube. The follicle sac left behind from the egg then becomes a corpus luteal cyst.

If the egg is not fertilized the cyst gets reabsorbed into the ovary. If the egg is fertilized then the cyst remains, producing progesterone to support the pregnancy. The pregnancy cyst then usually disappears between 12 - 16 weeks, when the placenta is formed and takes over the job of making the progesterone.

My question is I have two of them on my left ovary (the overy that released the egg). Based on what I have read, does this mean that two eggs were released?????

During the sonogram we only saw one gestational sac with what looked like the beginning of a yolk sac forming inside. The doctor had a hard time finding my uterus on the sonogram, probably because mine tips way back. Is it possible that there are two gestational sacs floating around in there, and she just didn't see the other one?

When I spotted I didn't notice anything that would indicate a possible egg that was discharged. I suppose it could also be possible that two eggs were released, but only one was fertilized while the other wasn't and got discharged?

I know probably only time will tell if there are indeed fraternal twins in there, but I am anxious to know why there are two cysts, if indeed two eggs were released.
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replied August 25th, 2005
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Sorry. I didn't realize I was in the wrong section, and hopefully pasted this post in the right one! :oops:
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