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acne breakouts , cramps , yeast infection , late period

My body seems like its going completely crazy...

For the last week before my period was due I had:
> really bad acne breakouts (even have spots inbetween my breasts and on the insides of them!)
>weird light cramps
>i got an extremely bad yeast infection (ive never had one before)
>ive been a little constipated (sorry tmi)...It comes and go's.
>i was 2 days late for my period but then it started so then I thought I was clear but its been extremely light and I have practically stopped bleeding less than 48 hours later! I usually bleed for about 5 days and really heavy.
> from about the night before my period was due ive had a really bad head...Just generally feeling really achey and sore...

>i keep having really bad hot and cold flashes especially at night.

>i keep getting sharp jabbing pains in my left side and through my left breast.
>i tested to see if I was pregnant when I was one day late for my period and it came up negative and then I got the weird period and im feeling even worse!

So I just wondered if it is possible that I am pregnant even tho I have had a "period" as such...And if not is there anything else that could be the cause of how im feeling?
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replied June 9th, 2009
im having similar symptoms... did you find out the issue?
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replied April 16th, 2010
Same issue here but blood test says I'm not pregnant. Doc said it could be an ovarian cyst. I do know that Ectopic pregnancies can do this as well. Good luck to you and let us know if you find anything out!
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