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You're Telling Me There's Nothing I Can Do About This ?

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I've had this problem for six years now, been to two ent specilists and they both say I have a thin(rare) timpanic membrane(skin covering the eardrum). Any wind, water, loud music can trigger this sensation in my ear(first day), then turns into pain and discomfort(third day), then moves to my back lower tooth(fourth/fifth day), which gets inflamed and dark. If I wear earplugs for a week it won't go to the last and serious phase, my throat. It flares up like my glands are inflamed but the doctor said its not like a sore throat of any kind he's seen, you can actually see the bumps on the outside, can't swallow, extreme pain and discomfort with eating drinking talking etc it hasn't moved to my throat for a few times now, because i've been quite protective. But this is very reoccuring, 7-10 times a year, and can last for weeks to a month. I can usually catch it in phase two(tooth) if I constantly wear earplugs(cumbersome, annoying, cant hear with them). Recently visited my dentist for checkup while in phase two(tooth) he wants to try and take out wisdom teeth, maybe it's a step in the right direction, or maybe it wont do anything, cant hurt, exceot for the cost.

Does anyone have or has anyone heard of this. Can't even go outside on a mildly windy day. Now I know this is mild compared to some of other posted problems but it's really affecting my quality of life, kids, sports, etc.

I've heard of a surgery, where they take a piece of my skin from somewhere and construct a barrier between my timpanic membrane and eardrum. Anyone heard of this ??? Or had it done ??? Cost $$ ??? Possible hearing loss side effects ?????????

Desperately seeking answers, thanks for reading.

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