Do you think your epilepsy may be due to stress?
Epilepsy possibly due to stress
Epilepsy deffinitely not due to stress
Partial Epilepsy possibly due to stress
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I suffer from partial epilepsy, not the general type that results in total unconciousness.
In my case it is termed partial complex epilepsy.
I only picked it up from after age 30 and it seems to be stress related.
It is difficult to treat and medicines do not always work.
Can I hear from anybody that also suffers from partial epilepsy and the possible causes for it.
What medication are you using and does it actually work 100%???
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replied May 3rd, 2004
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Dear Hennie
what happens to you while you have a seizure? Was it a long time b4 you were properly diagnosed? I am female 21 yrs old and my eeg only showed up stress. The neurologist sent me to a shrink and the shrink said I am mentaly well. So that was a bonus. I am goin to se another neurologist wednesday because I am still having seizures. I am on tegretol and epilim its not working. I mean I am good for a few weeks then bang it happens all over again. If you could please tell me how you feel it would be much appreaciated. I can hear and I somw what know what is going on but then a few hours later I am very vague about the entire episode. Latley I have been having grand mal seizures that last over 20 minutes.
I believe this is all due to stress. How do we get rid of it now though. I dont feel stressed. I have only been like this 6 months.
Thanks sam
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