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Total Knee Replacement, Next Week

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i'm new here and just read about a young husband that had tkr, last year. He was still having a lot of pain after two weeks. :cry: i'm getting kinda nervous. :shock: can anyone please give me some tips prior to my surgery? The same knee was arthoscoped last year, which made it even worse.

Any suggestions would be very welcomed. :d


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replied October 23rd, 2005
Your Tkr
Just read your post...You must have had your surgery already so it is too late to tell you what might happen..But, my wife had her tkr on 9/19 ,,,we'd be glad to compare notes...
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replied October 23rd, 2005
Re: Your Tkr
Hi my dear friend,

thanks for replying. I'm in my 7th week after surgery. My leg is not straight. I have about 95% bending, but still in therapy for straightening the leg. I have therapy three times a week. I'm also wearing a dyno-splint brace to try and straighten my leg. I'm suppose to wear it for 8 hours while sleeping, but still haven't got past 6 hours. It's just too hard. I had to go back to work in the 4th week, I ran out of fmla. I'm a law enforcement officer, so they put me in 911 and I dispatch. But, they have moved me around from days to evening and then nights, one week having me work 8 - straight days. I did it though. My doctor was against me working, but to keep my job and insurance, I had too.
The pain was horrible for me and I was not prepared for this surgery. I had a 15 minute class with an rn, who didn't want to be there. She threw three pieces of the replacement on the table....Said the words...Titanium and plastic and concrete. Then asked if I had any questions, which, I couldn't think of any at the time.
I had home-health for two weeks, three times a week. That therapist had a good sense of humor and made me laugh, but didn't do anything as far as therapy. So, if I had to tell someone about this surgery, I would tell them to get more patient education and not have home-health care.
I have had to deal with being afraid that this new knee was going to pop out, I know this sounds sorta whiny, but at first, I was very afraid of it. I have about gotten over the fear of being in a vehicle or car. I was afraid my knee would hit the dash and it would pop out and i's bled to death. I have been very depressed, if not for my wonderful husband, i'd probably have gaven up. No one told me anything about all the emotions that are tied into this surgery.
I hope I haven't bored you are caused you any discomfort in any way. Please, please reply and let me know how everything is going.
My pain is no where like it was. I do feel an ackward sense of feeling when the knee moves around, not very painful, it's just undescribible.
Be sure and take your pain medication prior to therapy.
Everyone tells me that all of this will pass and I do have faith.
Again, i'll be waiting for your reply and all about your surgery and recovery.
Suzie from tennessee
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replied October 23rd, 2005
Fmla Time.
Hi, I am awaiting an appt for an aankle replacement. I have a post in here and read a few. First of all yur not whining.!!! These things are really painful. ... I am out of work for 18 weeks now. I would look into that fmla rule. Im in pa. I wasnt hurt on the job so by law here there is no light duty. If I was I would be at a desk for sure , thats how companys save money. However if it was at work I could refuse it. Because of the need to heal properly. Are you on comp. Or dissability? Also I am paying 35.00 a mth, to keep my insurance going. Paid to my employer. In my company they keep it paid for 90 days. What I did was schedule a few spotted vac. Days so it didnt lapse. Maybe 1 day a mth. I do know that you need 1250 hrs. In a yr. To get fmla the following yr. Im just having trouble undesataing how someone in law enforcement can have such light insurance provided by a city or county. Ask questions, it really sounds like something isnt kosher there. Find out things like how long you can be off with your yrs. Of service. Also short term diss. Here is paid for 20 wks. Then it gaps for six wks. And goes to a long term plan. Anyway, I hope you make it back to 100%. Stick with the physical terrorists, lol. It hurts but for a reason. Maybe check my post to see how much I was out of work. And looking at another surgery. Dissability lawyer is a place where I will be going to soon, just so I know my rights. Employers dont tell you anything unless its in there best intrest.!!!!!! Take care, jeff
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replied November 10th, 2005
Suzie how did your surgery go and what effects are you facing know
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