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20 Year Old Female, Very Scared About Possible Leukemia

Hey there every1, jus registered today been tryin to look for sum advice on the net. Hope every1s doin ok.

Basically im 20 and last december I started feelin poorly. Muscle aches, bones really ached, jus flu like symptoms was told it was post viral (i didnt think so) had numerous other symptoms since. But lately my muscles and bone pain has been horrible. My joints are crackin and my wrist inparticular cracks all the time its horrible. If I jump up n down its almost as if I can feel my bones movin and grinding. Occasional red dots below my skin

had a few blood tests since then, and always my white blood cell count has been low but I seem to be the only one noticing this occurance? Most recent one about 2 months ago was 2.5 which I think is low from wot ive read? Anyways doc said to come back in december for repeat blood test but hes jus diagnosed me with fibromylagia. I dnt think it is this from reading up about it. And after lookin at signs n symptoms for leukemia im slightly worried to say the least.
Sorry, also forgot to add that wen first felt ill last december I had lumps come up under my arms, lymph nodes which went down, then came up again. Esr has been raised very high at 119, then back down to 19, then raised again. As far as im aware red blood counts not abnormal and other other one was my thyroid which they tested me for and after a physical examination the doc said my neck felt a bit lumpy and bumpy. Recently had a neck ultrasound and they sais they couldnt see anythin suspicious althought last couple of days I felt as though the ones in my groin area were swollen. Hense the docs appointment this friday.

Is there a specific blood test I can request at my local gp that can put my mind at ease I dnt have it., or one that would tell me if I did.

Any advice would be really really appreciated. Im tryin not to worry but easier said than done.

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replied August 20th, 2006
Ritalin ?
Have you ever taken ritalin or a ritalin type drug? Is so, for how long?
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replied October 18th, 2006
If you want to rule out leukemia, you want to undergo a bone marrow aspiration. (warning, they are painful).

Leukemia is defined by the presence of greater then xxx number of blasts in the bone marrow. Basically, a blast is a bone marrow cell that has not matured. (sorry, I cannot recall of the top of my head what the exact number of blasts that are normal and what is defined as abnormal).

The doctor should also order cytogenetics (where they look at the chromosomes to see if there are any mutations). The philadephia chromosome (where chromosome 9 and chromosome 22) swap arms is the hallmark of a type of leukemia called chronic myelogenous leukemia.

If you've just had an infection then your lymphocytes might still be high or active. That could explain why you have lumps in your lymph regions.

The esr is the rate at which red blood cells sedment. I think it is used to indicate inflammation, but its not a specific indicator of anything.

I do not understand why you think you might have leukemia. There are many other diseases of the blood and bone marrow. Your blood counts are not abnormally high or that low. (having said that, don't let up until you find out exactly what is wrong).
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replied December 31st, 2011
You're not alone
I am a 22 year old female faceing the same issues. I also have bruising on my legs thats unexplainable. In the last 5 months I've gone from 140 lbs to 115 lbs, while I was trying to GAIN weight, not loose it. Vision problems and headaches are the worst though. You are not alone!!!! I would recomend getting a bone marrow biopsy. I hear they're very painful. But it's the best way to be sure. I just recently looked up my symptoms and found Leukemia to be the best fit...but really who knows. It could be stress too. that effects every aspect of your health. Even if stress is not the cause, it wont make it better. So please don't worrie yourself into a panic before seeing a Dr. and I'll try to do the same. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! I hope all is well.
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replied March 21st, 2012
similar boat.
my girlfriend has very similar problems. I am really scared and the random bruises on her body begin to bleed at times. I am not sure what i should do to help her. We are quite certain after doing tests that she has Leukemia but im just not sure what to do next.
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