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Ovulation And Birth Control

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I have a question regarding ovulation and stopping birth control. I have read that it takes a woman 4-6 weeks to ovulate after coming off birth control pills. I'm sure there is some variance. Is this true?

I ask this because my fiance and I are concerned about pregnancy. My fiance was on birth control for quite a while, taking 1 pill a day. She said it was a high dosage pill because the lower dosage ones caused her to spot. For insurance reasons, she ended one pack of pills and had her period. However, she couldn't get new pills because of insurance and for a week after her period she wasn't on any pills. When she did get her new pills (1 week after the last day of her period) she began the new pack - so there was a 1 week window where she had finished her period and was not able to start her new pack. We had unprotected sex the day after she began the new pack, during which I did pull out. She said she was confident that since she had already began her new pack and it wasn't her first month on the pill, the protection was in place but I was unsure. Could anyone clear this up for me?

We are going to get a pregnancy test if she misses her period (which should begin on the 30th) but I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences like this or any information they could share?

Thanks in advance
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