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November 12th, 2012
I find that tea tree oil makes them erupt & heal very quickly... if able, I also go without underwear to avoid extra friction, and if I do have to wear underwear I use medical pads between the clothing and which ever area is acting up.
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replied November 13th, 2013
Boils & Hormones
I have been reading all of your posts with tears in my eyes. I got my first boil at 15. I am now 37. I have gone to several doctors- GYN, Dermatologist, Internist; no one could give me a solid reason for why I kept getting the boils. By the time I was 17 I noticed that I would get them around my period. I figured some girls got pimples- I get boils. I began taking birth control pills around 22. About three months after taking the pill I noticed that I wasn't getting them. Initially I hadn't realized the association, but then I saw that they didn't stop completely, I would get them anytime that I didn't take the pill correctly, but as long as did I stopped getting them. Of course I was ecstatic. Finally a cure! And of course I became committed to taking my pill every day at the same time. I mean like, religiously. Anyway all of the research that I had done on my own I could never find anything that denoted the correlation between the hormones and boils. But I knew that it was there. I'd only see stuff just about boils and treatments. Also I have tried everything- antibiotics, special creams & soaps, not shaving, warm compresses, hot baths. I even bought a car that had the seat warmers already in it specifically to combat the issue. All of it. Well, when I turned 32 my doctor refused to refill my prescription for the birth control and I was depressed because I knew what was in store for me. Now I'm 37 and on any given occassion have as many as 4-5 recurring boils at a time. My niece, who is now 19 has been suffering from the same affliction pretty much since the onset of puberty. Which tells me that not only is this hormonal but could be hereditary as well. Thank you all for sharing. It makes me feel less alone, and confirms that, no I am not crazy. I will be taking some of the things learned today with me to my next doctor's appointment. I will share what they come back with. Good luck to all of you in managing this issue. It can literally be a pain in the ass Smile
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replied November 16th, 2013
I definitely agree that it's hormone-related. I never had a boil in my life until about 7 months ago. I am 54 yrs. old and started menopause about 2 yrs. ago. I developed clusters of bumps in my armpits which have now disappeared. My FNP gave me an antibiotic to take, which may have helped. Then, about a month ago, I developed a series of boils in my vaginal, anal, and groin area. My physician tells me it may be a chronic, recurrent condition and to treat them as they come with hot compresses, and she gave me a prescription antibiotic cream to use as needed. She does not endorse treating boils recurrently with an oral antibiotic, as it does not have a long-term effect and the boils may keep coming back anyway. I have other symptoms since I entered menopause, but this is, like you say...a real pain in the ass! My husband now calls me "Boil Butt" ha, ha! better to treat it with humor than to mope about it, I guess. Right now I don't have any, but I never know when one will crop up. I know it's because of all my hormonal changes. I may end up talking to my gynocologist about hormone therapy, although I swore I would not resort to it. Maybe some HRT treatments are safer now, and it may be something to consider.
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