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Not Sure If Preg Symptoms Or Patch Symptoms!! Please Help!

I am 20 years old now but from the time I was like 17-19 I was on depo shot. After 2 years they say you cant use the shot no more due to health problems but anyways, I went 9 months without shot becuase I was abstinant at the time and for the simple fact they wouldnt let me anymore. I never had periods on the shot!!

I started dating a guy this month so I went to doctor and got the patch just incase. Well, I applied the patch late on wendesday and had sex on frid and sat. The doctors really didnt explain everything out about the patch. I thought it was effective within like 24 hours or so. About a week went by and I noticed my breasts were sore and red around nipple area, also had heartburn, my back and stomache acked, and vomiting I have never had a scare like this b4 so I may just be over reacting or its all sychological.

Well, since all this I found out online that the patch is not effective for first week of use. That just great!! They could have told me that.

Basically what I want to know is are the side effects im having from the patch or could I possibly be pregnant? They have alot of the same side affects. Also how soon after sex can I take a pregnancy test? I am really wanting to know as soon as possible!!! Its bugging me out !!

I model and my bf is pro bball player so this is real serios to us to know. Even though it is only our stupidity for jeopordizing our careers!!

Whether I am pregnant or not doesnt matter whatever is in gods will will be.

Please someone give me some advice asap!! God bless!!
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