At age 55, I began to experience symptoms: nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, bloating, a half dozen swollen leg tissue spots the size of silver dollars, swollen ankles, discolored toes, fatigue, abnormal elimination, insomnia, loss of appetite, and the inability to eat many foods. A glass of cold water would hurt my stomach. My ankles ached so much that I took advil just to get out of bed and walk. That first month, august 2002, I lost 10 pounds and in september I lost another 5. I was slim to begin with but now at 5’9” and 120 pounds, I looked gaunt.

After weeks of testing with multiple specialists, I was informed that I was suffering from a moderately severe case of crohn’s – and other related problems. Being a non-smoker, non-junk food, no operations (still have my tonsils!), balanced diet with vitamin pills, regular exercise person, I did not expect to be so sick so young. But here I was, taking asacol, prednisone, and pentasa to help me function.

My drug regime failed me. I was still half sick and now experienced side effects – joint pain and weakness. So the doctor increased the asacol 400mg/each from 9 pills per day to 12 pills per day. When that didn’t help, I want up to 16 pills per day. I remained half sick. I suffered like this for 5 months, planning everything I did around bathroom breaks and boxes of crackers. I continued to be uncomfortable and got out of bed 4-5 times each night. My intestines were so swollen that any pressure on them, even my hand, would hurt. I was cutting away the stomach area on my nylons because the pressure was uncomfortable! I could barely perform at work, had no strength to do house work, and was no longer cooking or eating well.

My breaking point came at christmas 2002 with a house full of relatives; my son was home visiting for 2 weeks and I as sick every day. My health continued to decline. I told my husband that I had no quality of life and that I had no intention of ruining his future. I told my employer that I could no longer function, apologized profusely, and walked of the job without notice. I began to sort through my belongings, tossing old letters and taking a load of things to goodwill so that no one else would have to do the same.

My husband searched the internet for alternatives, found molo-cure research, and placed an order for “a.M.P. Molo-cure” that we received on january 5, 2003. I carefully followed all the instructions and noticed improvements in 5 days. I weaned myself off all other medications and continued to feel better.

All but one of my symptoms disappeared and the one left to conquer is minor. I resumed work and I am once again living a normal healthy life. I regained 10 pounds and my energy level and zest for life returned. At this point, I could probably qualify for the molo-cure maintenance program. But I feel so normal that I must admit I am slipping on the diet. I still avoid spicy, deep-fried, most heavy sweets, or any foods that may cause problems. But I just can’t seem to resist key lime pie, corn on the cob, a glass of burgundy with dinner, a beautiful salad, and fruit with the skin on. Well,
you get the picture. I am really enjoying life again.

I have always been a conservative, following the rules, not taking chances especially with medications. This is the first time that I am not following the doctor’s orders. It’s sad that many of our healthcare professionals do not recommend “a.M.P. Molo-cure” because I realize that so many other people are still needlessly suffering as severely as I once did. I urge others to take a chance on regaining health beyond their expectations. And I urge others to save their money. My prescription costs were considerably higher.

Please, please, please don’t pass up this opportunity to regain your health.
I never imagined that I could feel so much better in such a short time.

Carolyn c
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replied September 12th, 2005
Just a quick comment. My fiancee tried it for her crohns and she ended up losing more weight and her health declined before stopping it. My point is , 1 method of cure to a problem isnt always the same as somebody elses. So I would strongly reccomend consulting an expert first before trying alternatives. Good luck to all and good health for the future.
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replied March 20th, 2009
Please Help I Need Advice!

My name is Rosey. I Am 28 years old and had the Gastric Bypass Surgery when I was 19. I read your post and was left speechless as I am now going through the exact same issues. But I am also suffering sever Gastric symptoms as well. I can't put pressure on my stomach or I get the wind knocked out of me and I feel the gases comming up from my stomach. On top of that my chest is always tight so I am constantly taking my Asthma meds. I feel as if my life is deteriorating fast and I am so scared. I have two small children that I don't want to leave behind, 9 ad 3 year olds. My doctors have sent me for a CT Scan of the stomach that is scheduled next week and they are thinking I may have a hernia. Once I am done with this they will send me for an endoscopy. I am praying that they hurry and find something as I am tired of feeling this way. I would just really like to hear some more from you because it sounds like we have experienced the same things. You went through it and I am going through it now. I hope to hear from you soon.

God Bless,
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replied April 14th, 2009
Hi Rosey,
I would be interested in hearing if you were diagnosed with a hernia or not.

I had what I thought was a heart attack and was brought to the ER around 10 years ago. After spending the evening and being given every conceivable test they ruled out there being anything the matter with my heart.

I was advised to have some upper GI testing done and had an upper (Barium) g.i. It showed a hietal hernia. For about 10 yrs. now I have had these 'bouts' of what I had thought to be the hernia acting up only to find out recently that I don't have one!

After having 2 attacks in one month I sought a new physician in the new state I moved to. He just performed the endoscopy and said no hernia. huh???????

I've not spoken to him yet. The report I was given did say I suffer from "moderately severe gastritis found in the antrum, body of the stomach and the fundus". Ok.

Does that make you feel like you could be having a heart attack??

When I read of the tightness in your chest I think I could say the same thing.

And so, I was wondering what your results were.

I hope they were results that you can somehow work with and live with and will be feeling better soon, ( as I hope everyone is ).

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