I have been having alot of lower back pain, my taste buds have been funny, sometime legs get a little numb get tired alot ,nipples are sore.I can eat alot sometimes, but then sometimes I can't because my taste bud won't let me decide what I want to eat.
Could those be signs of being pregnant?
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replied August 17th, 2005
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They could be. The best thing to do is take a test. I am coming up for 8 weeks pregnant and I don't have any cravings, or food dislikes apart from chicken super noodles...Used to be my favourite but now the smell just makes me want to chuck!

I read that the food cravings don't start for a couple of months and am a true believer that you can kid yourself into believing you have cravings when you don't.

The problem with wanting to be pregnant is that every little twinge etc...Is really studied. Now that I know I am pregnant, the symptoms have calmed down a lot! Weird!!!

I hope that you get the answer you want.
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