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Desperate For the 'magic' Cure/healing!

Hello members, can anyone suggest/advise about the following issue, or if anyone experienced it, i'd be thankful if you share your views regarding it?
It's not about falling asleep at night- there's no problem there, happens nice and early at night (9-10pm). The problem is that the sleep is regularly disturbed in the very early hours of the morning (4 am-5 am) by waking up for no apparent reason and than- despite desperate efforts to carry on sleeping- the sleep is lost for the rest of the time until getting up(7am). Due to that, there's a constant feel of tiredness and exhaustion during the day and the strong feeling urge to sleep. It happens every day and has a strong effect on living normal life!
By the way, going to bed later than 9-10pm does not help. It's been tried several times and waking up still happens around 4am. Okay, 6 hours sleep is still gained, but nevertheless- tiredness and exhaustion is still there and the sympthom of 'not being able to resume sleep after premature wake-up' on regular basis, is a "killer"! What can be done about it? It's desperate. Please help! I heard about a pill called 'melatonin'. Any ideas?

Thanks, people
and stay healthy!
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