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Hello..I..Am..Still..Kinda..Scared..About. .This..Whole..Thing..And..I..Wanted..To..K now..Is..There..Anything..I..Can..Do..To.M ake..The..Wanting..To..Puke..Easy?..And..T he..Lower..Back..Aches..And..Omg..When..I. .Smell..Certain..Things..Well..Mostly..The ..Puking..And..O..Yeah..How..Do..I..Tell.. My.Dad..Anyone..Got..A.Good.Way..To..Let.. Him..Know?..Help..Asap
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replied August 24th, 2005
Re: Need..advice..asap
littlemisshood wrote:
hello..I..Am..Still..Kinda..Scared.. About..This..Whole..Thing..And..I..Wanted. .To..Know..Is..There..Anything..I..Can..Do ..To.Make..The..Wanting..To..Puke..Easy?.. And..The..Lower..Back..Aches..And..Omg..Wh en..I..Smell..Certain..Things..Well..Mostl y..The..Puking..And..O..Yeah..How..Do..I.. Tell..My.Dad..Anyone..Got..A.Good.Way..To. .Let..Him..Know?..Help..Asap

for the back aches,,try using a heating pad...And for the puking reflex just relax and and try to eat light foods...And for your father, if he is very understanding just let him know that you need to speak with him and that
you of all times need him to listen to you with an open mind. And once you'v brought yourself to talk to him it wont be so bad. Your body is tense wich in turn will cause ur body to ach and have the reflexes. So your best shot is to work on that.
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