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Throat, I Don't Even Know What to Call Them

I have recently been pulling (by the hcccccccchhh, removal technique like you would phlem) these little sft whiteish balls from my throat. I can taste these little balls and when they come out they have an extremely pungent odor. I have no idea what they are, does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you
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replied August 18th, 2005
Have the Same.

i have had the same (not recently though). The white thing looks like a small piece of cheese with very round edges. When you smash it it has a very pungent odour.
Basically, I think it is formed by food (or bacteria?) in the oesophagus. More exactly in the area of the epiglottis and the oesophagus. Do you have the feeling that food or pills get stuck in your throat? I have that all the time. I also get sore throat very easily. I believe this is due to small caverns in my throat - just an educated guess.
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