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It Began In My Right Knee...

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I need help, so i'm asking everyone I can think of who may have insight into why the body "goes south" despite a person's best efforts to secure great health. Please bear with me as I elaborate:

in june 2000, I began experiencing tightness and a grating sensation in my right knee. It became noticeable whenever I clipped into my pedals and went for a bike ride. My right knee would always pop once, then felt like it was "twisted" in the pedal, from my right hip, through the knee, and down to my right ankle and foot (big toe joint). My left leg always felt flexible and strong.

Over the years, the tightness progressed, and spread to my right hip, right ankle, right heel, lower back, upper back, tightness in my left buttock/hamstring area, and right shoulder, back of the left ankle, and
the bottom portion of the front of my left knee. I also have sharp pain under my right heel.

I've tried things such as, chiropractors, natural and pharmaceutical supplements, orthotics, different stretches, changing my diet from vegan-vegetarian to meat and back to vegetarian, fasting, and different shoes. I've been active with swimming, cycling, running, strength training, and yoga. I've experimented by laying off these activities (been off the bike for 4 months) to see what would happen. I didn't feel the stiffness, tightness, and sharp pain in these areas diminish. These symptoms are always present when do have to walk in order to complete my errands. I'm stiff in my feet, knees, lower and upper back when I get up in the morning. It loosens up when I expose these areas to cold water; but, after the numbness from the cold wears off, I have the symptoms

I've had x-rays of my feet, knees, and hips. I've also had an mri of my lower back. The physicians (one was orthopedic) did find some "joint mice" in the right hip. One chiropractor here in south western, wa looked at an x-ray of my pelvic area and noted that my pelvis is twisted. There is also an area in the l5 region where the vertebrae did not join. He theorized a birth defect (spina bifida). He said he's seen this defect before and it shouldn't cause the problems i'm experiencing now. Even though i'm exploring other opinions, it's true that I didn't have these problems
for most of my life; it just gradually became a problem five years ago.

On july 11, 2005, after I got out of the shower, my lower back on the left side "seized up." I couldn't bend over or sit down. It became more manageable the next day, but it hasn't felt the same since.

On july 20, 2005, while stretching my hands toward theceiling, I felt a pinched sensation under my right shoulder blade; it felt painful and stiff whenever I tried to twist to the right (like when I would reach behind to the right to grab something).

The following is a list of symptoms that may or may not have any connection to what i'm going through now:

in 1988, I developed a yeast infection that lasted a couple of years (mostly noticeable in the groin area).

In 1989, I had mononucleosis; the symptoms lasted several weeks.

When I changed my diet too rapidly in 1991 (going from high-sugary, processed foods to more whole grain, natural foods), I went through 12 years of on-again-off-again bingeing on sugary carbohydrate foods.

In 1991, I went over the handlebars on my mountain bike and landed on the side of my head and right shoulder.

In 1992, my left foot (first metatarsal) was broken when an aircraft barrier fell on it.

In 1994, I went to a chiropractor because I felt a pinched sensation under my left shoulder blade. I noticed that my left shoulder was noticeably lowerthan my right.

In 1997, while mountain biking through a icy section on a dirt road, I fell off the bike and landed on my left hip and left shoulder.

I know my body is calling out for help through these symptoms; I just haven't discovered exactly what it is my body needs in order to heal. I'm firmly committed to finding the root to this obstacle and overcome it.
I know it will happen...There are just options I still need to investigate.

I would welcome any thoughts you may have on this matter.

Thank you! :)
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replied March 6th, 2008
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I'd suggest trying a low impact, meditative practice like tai chi or hatha yoga.
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