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Really Bad Cramps In Lower Abdomen..

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Can anyone tell me what this might be? I've had this twice now, I had it about a week ago, and i'm getting back pain again.

Thanks x
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replied August 12th, 2005
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Hi there ambience,well that was a quick farewell,no onestly I am coming off this site for a short while! But then I see your problem,i have these pains,mine are gallstones,boy do they hurt just see your doc because they may be something different,hey could even be wind! Dont worry thats the main thing,just book that appointment,went to see my doc today my swollen ankels!Well its water retention,but need another blood test for thyroid because I mentiond the anxiety come back and he said it could be I need more thyroxine as the two are connected,so when I have my blood test hes going to check my liver/kidneys but hes not to concerned,he also gave me new meds for anxiety it called fluoxetine,ever heard of it?Anyway look dont worry about your pains go see the doc to put your mind at rest,pip2000 x
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