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Excessive Sinus Phlemg ..i'm Choking

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I never was prone to sinus infections but 2 yr ago I got a big one that has continued on and off since. Aling with infection it created a syndrome of very excessive mucus. My mouth is always full nothing comes out my nose anymore. Currently I have no infection however the mucus problem is still excessive. I have been to 2 ent's and allergiest (no allergy's) and have followed religiously the ent protocal nasal washes , flonase , astelin etc. I have hbp so use of antihistimines are limited. I also have lupus and the ent that will be doing a septoplasty & ethmoidectomy does not think the surgery will stop the excessvie mucus but will help me manage it better sinc ei do have a right side deviation that everything gets hung up in that area so I have a awful time clearing stuff out. I use mucinex also to thin it when it gets thick. I take a lot of meds but drs. Ahve ruled out the meds are causing this since I was taking them prior to this problem. Is this a autoimmune response or what. I hate prednisone and my rheumy has put me on methotrexate 2.5mg 3 tabs a week to try to help. But it's not doing a thing I blow up fast on pred hence the metho. Any suggestions? Have you ever heard of this problem? I'm desperate I can barely leave the house it's so bad. I even wake up at night choking it out.

Help please. :?
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replied November 13th, 2012
Appears I have a similar problem. 25 years ago suddenly woke up great difficulty in breathing. Ambulance rushed me into hospital. After 5 days breathing enough to go home. At one stage I was only out of hospital for a week before being rushed in yet again. Went from asthma to acute asthma to ? . All the time I was saying it was mucus going down from the back off the nasal passages. After some twenty years I was referred to a doctor for a bronchoscopy .This proved beyond doubt it was as I had always stated, it was mucus going down from the sinus area. One help I have found.Nebulising with oxygen at about 6 ltrs using sabutamol and ipratropium whilst bent over. Sipping very hot water,steam going up nostrils hot water going down wind pipe.Sorry but we do not fit in a tick box.There are other symptoms I shall pursue next year.
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