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Is It All In the Mind?

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Menstruation is a woman's normal monthly menstrual period. But what are the signs of abnormal periods? When is vaginal bleeding serious?...
Regular vaginal bleeding vagina is a sign of healthy menstruation. What signs and symptoms point to menstrual problems? Read on to learn the difference....
Menstrual irregularity means that something is wrong. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of an irregular period to prevent larger problems later...
Hi im new here!

Okay here it goes! I was about to leave taiwan to paris, and then me and my boyfriend decided to spend the night together, and it get whacked! He fingered me but he's not naked, and the after that he said that he want to take a shower, but before that he claimed that his abdomen is aching I guess most of the guys have that kind of feelin if they didnt cum or ejaculate, anyways after 15 min he went off the shower and did it again to me, im afraid that he might did something in the shower (ejacualate I guess) and if that what he did we'r in big trouble because i've read from previous post that sperm can live outside, so im worried that there might be some sperm left in his finger that can make me pregnant :(.... 2 days before I left I had discharges "dark brownish color" I used to have that kind of discharge before my perio, so I thought that I will be haveing my period and then when I arrive here in paris I noticed that it stopped, after a while I had my period last june w/c is normal heavy flow, and then just this month aug. I noticed that I didnt had my period last july! Upto now!! I dont know if it is because im irregular or something, im just so worried about it!.... This wasn't the 1st time that I had skipped months, ive been irregular for 4 years now... And before I have my period I usually wake up in the morning feeling like to throw up or after meals I throw up but I never hated any food, cramps, nausea,breast sore, I have mood swings but my mood swing today is so whacked! Im easily irritated and pissed!!! Im feelin it all for 3 days..I dont know if these are the indications that im pregnant or its just my irregular cycle or im just emotionally stress... I dont know plese give me an answer on this..Need help
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