About a month ago, I had a roughly 12-hour spell of diarrhea accompanied by hours of foul belching and general stomach discomfort. The next day, though, I was feeling much better and dismissed it as something bad that I ate.

This past sunday the same exact thing happened -- 12 hours of diarrhea and foul belching.

With both episodes, the bowel movements became increasingly painful.

A litlte background may help: during the week, I don't eat much, and on the weekends I tend to eat much more, both good food and fatty desserts. I've eaten this way for a few years. During the four weeks between episodes, however, I ate in my normal pattern -- not much during the week and a lot on the weekend -- with no ill effects.

Aside from this problem, i'm a healthy, 38-year-old male, 5'8", 145 pounds.

Thank you so much for any insight you may have into my situation.
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replied April 20th, 2009
Similar Experience
Several years ago, I had a very similar experience, except that the belches were not foul. My wife came down with the same thing a day or two later, and then I went through it again. Often it's a bit difficult to stay warm. It never lasts more than 24 hours and always seems to conclude with sweating. It happened again about a year later, and has happened every year or two since then.

I came down with it again today, and just went through the sweating. I have no insight into what causes it.
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replied June 27th, 2011
Stomach issues
I have had the same problem for 2 Years now.I always start out with foul belching then by night I have diarrhea and vomiting then I'm ok.Mine started at the end of my second pregnancy and happened once a week.Then after I had my daughter it happened once a month.I was so sick I was in and out of the ER.I had my gallbladder removed and it went away for a year.Then all of a sudden it returned : ( I need a diagnosis!!!
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