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I Need Relationship Help (been So Depressed And Sad)

Hi, i've been with my girlfriend for four months now, and she has been acting differently, please mind that we are still young (seniors in hs), but this has been really bothering me and I just don't know what to do anymore. First of all, when we first started dating, we spent a lot of time together and this was during the school year. Then during the summer, we hardly ever went out and she would always want to play ro (an online game) I would play with her too but now it feels like all we did was ro. Well, moving on, during times from when we first started to go out until now we got into fights, but I would always take responsibility for it and we made up after a day or two. But this whole week, she just stopped calling me and stopped the sweet surprising things we always did (like surprised phone calls, or sweet talks) and had. I forgot to mention that she is leaving for a vacation on wednesday, and we were planning to go shopping earlier on from this week, and the next day she totally ignores and avoids me. Then, when I kept asking her what’s wrong and what not, she would say “nothing let me be for a while”, but I was worried something happened so I kept pushing her (which now I regret) (i pushed and pushed because I really didn’t want her to leave on vacation on a bad note), but after a few tries I just stopped and played ro with her. The next day she goes online and asks me for a guys number and I get so mad when I find out since she’s leaving soon, I wanted to see her at least once before she left, instead she goes out with some friends (the guy was someone I knew) but I didn’t know other people were going yet so I was questioning her “are you going somewhere?” “why do you need his number?” etc. And she just blows up on me with these
“ (11:22:23 am): just leave me alone
(11:22:27 am): u cant even leave me alone
(11:22:32 am): so I can have some room to myself
(11:22:34 am): n for other ppl
(11:22:41 am): all summer all ive been talkin to is uuuu!!!!!
(11:22:46 am): everything uuu!!!!!!!!
(11:22:48 am): no1 else
(11:23:02 am): n I have to answer to u
(11:23:05 am): about what im doing?!?!?!?!!
(11:25:17 am): n ive asked u politely
(11:25:21 am): to let me be
(11:25:23 am): but nooo
(11:25:26 am): u still nag
(11:25:27 am): u still
(11:25:29 am): keep askin
me (11:25:40 am): I know but that was only because I thought something happened at home
(11:26:02 am): u keep nagging
(11:26:07 am): u wont even let me tell u
(11:26:11 am): when I want to!!!!!!”

i left out what I said for it’s not important, well let me explain, first of all, i’m not forcing her to just talk to me… and I don’t force her to play ro, she plays herself. Also, I only questioned her about what she was doing because out of no way she asks for a guys number.... (wouldnt you question too?)this has really been killing me… I care so much for her; all i’ve been thinking about is her and only slept 6-7 hours in the last week. Well, i’ll leave this at that and see what replies I get…… please help me, I love her and don’t want to give her up without a fight.

Thanks in advance

ps i've spoken to a few close friends about this and my brother said I shouldn't give up on her, one of my other close friends said that I should keep pushing her to show that I care and she said I shouldnt give up, and another close friend of mine said if it was him he would just break it, because he said that my gf is just taking advantage of me because i'm giving her 100%.
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replied August 12th, 2005
Here's Some Good Advice.... Seriously
Okay, this is coming from a girl... So take this advice and use it.

If you really care about the girl,... Simply act like you don't. Do not call her, let her call you... When she calls you, act like your busy wait awhile, then call her back... (wait even a day maybe) when she thinks your less interested, she'll want you more, she'll be more nice to you and you'll have the upper hand... Trust me on this one... For some reason, girls like guys who act like they don't give a crap.... Whatever you do, don't give in... I mean, don't be mean to her,... But just blow her off every now and then.. And do not push her... You can't make someone like you by showing them how much you are into them... Don't ask me why.... I'm still trying to figure out why guys who have mean girlfriends, treat them like princesses and the guys who have good girlfriends, don't treat them as well......
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replied August 12th, 2005
Experienced User
Me and my boyfriend hung out every single day for about 2 months and I got kind of sick of him and needed a little space. Maybe she is feeling a little bit smotherd by you, and just wants a chance to go and hang out with her friends without having to worry about you. I'm sure she still cares about you but she just wants a little space to herself. Still care and be there for her but respect her wishes. I'm sure she will come around.
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