Hi everyone, I moved to the beach about a month ago from the mountains. I have been having these mild headaches each day but as soon as I go to the water and surf it gets real bad, I tried sinus pills, I tried ib profien, doesnt do a thing, I have tried slightly stronger pills, and last night I was temperarily relived when I took a arthritis pill. I am in my 20's and dont have athritis....It has been really bad the last few days not in the water and I am sick of it, it ruins my dayly activities and makes me kind of miserable. I am hydrated, have slept anough, I eat well and the same as usual, and I have plenty of excersise. What is it? Any ideas? Anything I can do without going to a doctor?
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replied August 10th, 2005
Have you had the headaches for a while or did they just start when you moved? It could be something environmental. I don't know why the water would be a factor, though.

Also, for a lot of people, headache problems start in their 20s or early 30s. There's really no way to know what the underlying cause is unless you see a doctor. And even then, it often takes a while to figure out the true cause of headaches. They'll run a bunch of tests. If they don't find anything wrong, they'll try standard treatments for headache. That's a trial and error process to find out what meds work best for your body.

This isn't to discourage you; just to tell you what to expect. Seeing a doctor sounds like the best way to go. You can make sure nothing is seriously wrong and you can start in on treatment.

Take care.

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