i'm a 58 year old male who has an unusual problem. I call it unusual because everytime I see a doctor about it, the symptoms are not there. I usually experience a very irregular heartbeat after eating, probably eating more than I should have. I'm 6-3 and weight 200lbs so I don't consider myself overweight. I can feel my heart stop for 2-3 seconds in my cartoid artery. Sometimes if it stops long enough, I start to feel dizzy and sick. How can I approach getting a diagnosis of this problem and has anyone else out there experienced this sort of thing? Thank you.

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replied August 5th, 2005
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Look up premature ventricular contractions--or premature artial contractions. That is what happened to my son, they say his heart is fine, but he has these after caffeine, chocolate, any kind of stimulant
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