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Somebody Please Help!!!!!

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Hello, I am 23 year old recent college graduate. I am almost 6 foot tall and weight 180. I have always been a very healthy individual watching what I eat. Although for the past 5 years in college I have drank way too much, especially the last 6 months or so. About three weeks ago I started getting really bad indigestion and heartburn. I would get dizzy and nauseous and sometimes would throw up. I also would feel like I had diarrhea. After a few hours this would pass and I would have a dull pain right below my sternum. A week after that the same thing happened and since then I have always had the pain below my sternum. I have had an endoscopy and the gi specialist told me I had gastritis. I am taking aciphex once a day and pepcid twice a day. The heartburn is gone, but now I have what looks like a bump under my sternum. It has been there for 2 weeks now and I have told the gi specialist, my regular doctor, and the er doctor about it and they all seem to say its normal. I have had ultrasounds done and x-rays and blood drawn. They have ruled out pancreas problems and gallbladder. Everyone just seems to think that it is gastritis. If I push on this bump it makes me very nauseous and lightheaded. If anyone has any ideas or if this is just a sign of bad gastritis please let me know, I hate going out of the house now cuz I am afraid I will get sick. Thank you

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