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Hey I had unprotected sex about a month a go and my partner did not cum inside me, he pulled out. I'm late on my period I was supposed to get it on july 24th. I'm usually pretty regular so this is out of the ordinary. I took 2 pregnancy test about a week ago and they both said I was not pregnant. I took on ein the night and one in the morning right when I woke up... Whats wrong with me? And are the test right, am I not pregnant (they said 99.9% accurate)?

i'm so confused! I need a reply soon! Im only 18 and juss startin college! I dont need this right now but if its wat I gotta take i'm ready for it! Plzzz..I dunno how to use this site so just reply to my email plzzzz.. O rjust post ur reply here and i'll figure it out...
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replied August 5th, 2005
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First of all you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation (leakage) while having sex. The best thing to do calm down cause that can make things worse. Call your doctor, explain you what you put in your post and see what they say. Pregnancy test can give a false negative. You may be but just don't have enough hcg in your urine to detect. The doctors may tell you to just wait to see if you start your next period. Or you could suggest a blood serum test. And another thing sometimes your periods will change. The dates I mean. Mine use to when I was younger, like every 6 months they did. I'm not kidding either. They don't always stay the same.

Good luck!!
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