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Severe Pain In Rib Cage Area Feels Like Sqeezing of Guts

For the past 2 years, the day that I had my baby, I have had severe pain in my rib cage area. I have had xrays, cat scans, blood work, and just yesterday I had an egd. Everything has been normal and if it hasn't I have already had the problem fixed. I had my gallbladder taken out 2 1/2 years ago, so I know that its not that. I have had kidney stones and its not that. I thought that it was an ulcer untill yesterday and they said that it wasn't. I go to surgerns and drs trying to find out what it is. My surgern said that it might be ibs, but I don't think its that. The pain feels like someone is inside my rib cage area, and is just sqeezing all of my guts. It will happen a few times a week, and it will happen about 6 times a day and last for about 30 min each time. Its severe pain. I have gone to the er many times and they can not find anything. Sitting a different way doesn't seem to help, and I can not figure out if it is anything that I have ate, or anything that I have done to cause the problem. It just happens whenever. I have noticed that it would hurt when I drank liquer.(so I stopped that) they took a biopsy of my stomach becasue it looked irritated, and I will know the results of that friday, but I don't think that will show anything either. Any one with any help or suggestions??? Thank you!
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replied November 19th, 2009
Gut ache
pain is to the left of my belly button 3"s and hurts like crazy after urinating and cannot stand up straight, I stay bent over and sit for about 30 minutes, then move a bit and start hurting, pain was all day today. I am 57 years old and very healthy, not over weight and work as a builder.
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