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Not Orange, But Green Oily Discharge!!

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What I thought to be an innocent fart turned out to be a fart with green oily discharge!! :shock: I don't have any strange feeling at all, no pain or anything.

I'm not very fat (5'2 105lbs) and i'm not taking any diet medication. I tried googling about this but can't find any useful info because most people have this symptom because of xenical, which doesn't apply to me.

Can anybody tell me what's happening to me or what's the medical term for this so I can look it up? Greatly appreciate any help!
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replied September 22nd, 2005
Oily Orange Discharge
I am so glad to have found this site. I thought I had something really wrong. As a vegaterian or non meat eater, I do eat fish and yes, alot of tuna or escola. What do I eat now?
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replied August 2nd, 2007
I experienced the same thing for about 5 days, occuring at night but not during the day. I was not on any medications, didn't have stomach pains and otherwise felt fine physically. At first I thought it might be some nasty bacteria in the intestines so I took antibiotics for 3 days which did nothing.
Then I read about people experiencing same thing with Cystic Fibrosis needing to take enzymes. I remembered I had been drinking enzyme supplements for general detox and had suddenly stopped. I drank took the enzymes again and next day I was back to normal. I didn't drink enzyme anymore again for next 2 weeks (don't want my body to have to rely on supplements), and the oily fart didn't come back. I hope it was just a case where my body got lazy and stopping the supplements upset the enzyme balance. I will post update if I learn of anything else
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