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This Is Embarassing :( And I'm to Embarassed to Ask a Doctor

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Hi everyone...
Well this might sound so stupid! And I no its so embarassing.. But I dont no what this could mean.. I;ve had very large nipples for as long as I can remmeber.. But unnormally large :? :oops: and I hate it so much! I am sooo body consience and I hate my body with a passion.. Could this mean anything? I just dont no. I;m sure it cant be anything just a bad body part but I just wish I could have a normal body :( and I just wanna say i'm so sry for the people out there who are worried about having breast cancer or that do have it / had it.. My prayers are always with you and you are all trully my heros
thanks for reading this anyone :)
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replied August 4th, 2005
As far as I know large nipples do not mean anything as far as cancer goes. I have several friends who have extremely large nipples and do not have cancer, and have never had any cysts or tumors. Don't be so worried about them, just be thankful you have them. You could be like me and have none now. It will be months before the real implants will go in, months after that before the fake nipples can be created, and months before the aereola can be tattooed on. I have always been proud of, and worried about my body too, but cancer doesn't care. Take care of yourself, enjoy your body while you have it to enjoy. Thanks for the prayers.
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