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a Very Strange And Severe Chronic Itch

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I am 29-year-old male, otherwise leading a perfectly normal lifestyle.
Since: around 2 months back I got this uncontrollable itching sensation travelling all over my body. Head, chest, back, groin, stomach, neck were specially affected. It started, grew and continued till I took a citirizine tablet.
I tried: soothing lotion, disinfectant bath, oil massage, meditation... Nothing helped. I also visited a homoeopath, who gave medication for 2 weeks, but to no avail.
Now: citirizine tablet gave immediate relief. But the itch reappeared after 4 days. Repetition of citirizine, calmed it down and now I am having it regularly every3-4 days- interval after which the itch reappears.
The itch bout starts from the fingers (inside) and soon moves to the head and stomach.
Condition: there are no rashes, dry skin, any other abnormal skin condition. During the itch attacks, the affected area tends to turn reddish due to scratching. I am not aware of any kind of allergy affecting me. I am generally in good health, and have a normal bp and sugar level. I am a mild smoker ( for past 10 yrs) and highly social drinker. I've not had any significant medication in the recent time, except occasional paracetamols for headaches.
Under the influence of citirizine, I am perfectly normal, but it's the highly punctual rebounds of itch attacks are really scary, and am now afraid of addiction, because I tend to have the medicine at the first appearance of the symptoms.
Any help/information on the similar condition will be highly appreciated…. Please!
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First Helper manasarvind

replied October 22nd, 2005
Cronic Itch
i saw your question related to your cronic itch problems. Sorry I can't help you, but I do have a question. My father has the same and we are desperately looking for a remedy. His skin is itching all day and night leading to sleepless nights and a terrible life. Did you get any helpful hints in the meantime as to medicines or lotions that help?
Thanks for your reply!
Jack from the netherlands
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replied October 24th, 2005
I Think I Got It.
The last specialist I met, seems to have cured it. But I think i'll only come to know once I stop the medication and watch for few days. Reason she gave me was like this, given the fact that I suffer from no other ailment, deficiency or physical/mental problem.

As per her, the cells in our body have a kind of memory. So if you are attacked by an alergy causing factor. The cells not just react in a certain fashion (in this case itching) but may continue to behave in a similar fashion even after the body has tackled the issue. In my case, we could only assume this, as I couldn't recollect, any such, out of the way exposure. So she suggested a simple medication involving a regular dosage (once a day) of anti histamine (atarax in this case) along with a twice daily dosage of ranitidine ( to keep the stomach in shape). The dosage was to last 1.5 month. But due to travel I had to discontinue it for a 10 days time. During which I didn't get the itching back (should have happened after 4-5 days) so I am assuming that the medication is working. ( and i've resumed the course)

this is my story. Needn't work for all. But you can share this story with your doc and see what he/she says. Btw, as per my doc, none of the 2 medicines are habit forming or go down in effectiveness even after a prolonged use.

Do share back what yor doc says about it.

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replied September 18th, 2007
Chronic Itch - Help Sought
Dear Manas, Did the medicines that you took cure you of the itching?

Dear Jack, you mentioned that your father was suffering from this severe itching. Has it been cured?

My father is suffering from a severe bout of constant itching leading to restless days & nights and constant misery. Any help will be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Maha
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replied May 29th, 2009
unexplainable itch
hi, i have a very similar problem pretty much exactly what your explaining. i've been to many doctors but none can pinpoint the cause. i smoke mildly and drink average of twice a week. i take benadryl at night which helps me sleep and usually controls the itch attacks for the following day. if you want to talk more about the symptoms write me.
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replied October 9th, 2009
Do you happen to spent some time in a basement lately?
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replied December 6th, 2011
Yes I happened to spend time cleaning out an old basement lately. Why?
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replied February 22nd, 2013
Here's my experience, hope it helps:
I've had horrendous itching in fingers and toes - coming from inside, not atopic like contact dermatitis or eczema or anything - for a few years now and was desperately looking for a cure, and I believe I've found it. My cure seems to be sugar! i.e. avoiding it completely. I also had huge splits on the skin of my fingers which have almost completely healed after just 10 days sugar-free. (in fact one of the first ever symptoms was like a red bump coming from inside on toes then fingers, under my skin, v, painful and sore)

It's early days so experimenting if have to cut absolutely all sources of sugar or not (e.g. I've had a small amount of fruit). But in the last 10 days I've had absolutely no itching at all!!!!!! Just a little hotness and swelling in the fingers when I eat. I'm trying to stick to eating a lot of proteins (although I don't digest them well so still have to have carbs), but I find any carbs will set my hands off swelling, getting really hot, skin getting tight and cracking again. But this is improving every day.

I always suspected sugar was the cause (I've been a sugar overeater for >50 years!) but couldn't understand why exercise would set it off too, and so thought it might be more complicated than just one food item. That was a red herring tho, cos exercise merely releases sugar into blood stream from stores in body, e.g. from liver - more research needed by me - but I’m so excited wanted to come back onto forums to tell people! And importantly see if it helps any one else.

Also apparently starvation (I used to go long periods in the day without eating so I could eat more at night) and possibly gall stones - again more research needed - causes the liver to kick out bile salts into blood stream which get into the skin and cause terrible itching.

So avoid all added sugar (even in prepack meals) and cut back on any other sources - e.g. honey, fruit, etc - also dairy acts a bit like sugar in body, so cut milk n' cheese too - just for a while to see if it works for you. (Eggs n' butter are fine though.)

I found choc was SO difficult to give up! but it's been 10 days now - yay!!! I could of course have 100% cocoa as a sub to get over cravings but gone cold turkey. So worth doing and long may it continue! Let me know of your experiences if you can. Do you eat a lot of sugar? If you cut it out, does it work for you too?

PS I too have bad circulation in hands and feet, v. low blood pressure
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replied March 20th, 2013
the itching is called scabies.
Well I have had all of this itching from head to toes. It's call scabies. they are tiny mites that burrow under the skin and lay eggs. you can get them from animals or old bedding or from other people that you are in close skin contact with. Permethrin cream 5% is the cure for it and after you put it all over you body for 8 nor more than 14 hours then you wash it off the next morning. you wash al your bedding and clothes in hot water and then spray your house bedding and couches and chairs with permethrin spray (lice spray) after you do all of this you do it again in 7 days to catch the eggs that are about to hatch under your skin. that completely gets rid of the scabies. wash everything all over again and treat anyone else living in the house hold and wash there bedding also. I've had this crap 2xs now I actually have it right now and it is not fun at all. the itching will continue for up to 4 weeks after you are treated. I don't wish this upon my worst enemy. yes sweets or sugar does make the itching worse. oatmeal baths hydrocortisone cream work to help with itching also. The doctor can give hydroxyzine 25mg that is awesome to help the itching. make sure she gives you plenty of cream for the whole family and the itch pills. hope this helps.
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replied May 30th, 2013
It was in December 2003 that it started itching. I thought it was due to coming in contact with caterpillar. Now it is 2013 and I am still suffering. For the past 2 years, I have been taking Levosiz 10 (a third generation non-sedative antihistamine) and Zempred 8 (belongs to a class of medicines known as corticosteroids). I got relief to some extent but they never go away. If I stop taking the above medicines for 2 days, it starts itching again.

I had to write here because my itching became severe for the past few days and the medicines that I take dont seem to work.

I dont go to the doctor anymore because he just changes the brand, not to mention the fee he charges for each visit. At first I didnt know the changes. It was only when I read the composition of the medicine that I found out.

The areas where they itch are my genitals (just below the balls), waist and legs. I don't wear shorts and go out any more. When it starts itching at my genitals, then goodbye my sleep. If that is not enough, my daughter, who's 17, also seems to have the same symptoms.....must be genetic.

Man, we are cursed!

If anyone out there has a remedy or used a remedy that really worked, if you know a remedy that works even up to 4 or 5 days, please share here.
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replied October 10th, 2013
I have read these and they have helped me but im so serious about this itch!!! I have scratches all over my body like a cat attached me. I have taken pills to help with it but it comes back!! I mean embarrassing whips and red scars. My husband tells me all thetime honey stop sscratching but i cant. I need help
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replied November 11th, 2013
Looking for relief from Itch
I also have a problem with itching. If I don't scratch at all when it starts to bother me but instead put ice on the area, I can sometimes get it to go away for awhile. If I start scratching, I can't stop. Drives me crazy. It's worse on the inside of my right arm, right side of my neck and in the groin area but my arm pits and back get it also. As I sit writing the backside of my right knee is bothering me. It seems to get worse around 6pm so I have been taking Benadryl. It helps some but I still have to be really diligent about not scratching. I have had this for 22 years now usually starting in the fall. It doesn't seem to bother me as much in the summer months. This year has been the worst.
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