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Does Knee Pain/disabiltiy Having In Effect Causing Low Back

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Can anyone advise me any medical information on the following subject. I injuired my left knee while serving in the navy back in 1981. I did have surgery on my left knee where they repaired the liagaments. But to date I still have a lot of pain in the knee and since injuring the left knee my right knee is very sore and hurts a lot also. I figured that I favored my left knee it put more strain on my right knee and this is the reason for having a lot of pain in both knees now. However, I had a back injury back in 1989 and have had several surgery and a fusion but the surgeries have still not been helpful and I have to take morphine for the pain. I was wondering if the injuries to the knees can also have effect on my lower back pain. Prior to my back injury I could not bend at the knees as medically advised but I bent at the lower back to bend over. Is there any medical evidence out there that the knees disability could of had some effect on my lower back condition? Thank you to anyone that can maybe help me here or provide info on where I can get more information on this subject.

Best regards scott
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