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Got My Cartilage Pierced Think Its Infected But Doesnt Hurt!

I got my cartilage pierced about 3 weeks ago and it was feeling fine. But after I went home and cleaned it after going to the boardwalk at my beach and riding a few rides, I noticed that the ball of the earring looked like it had gone into my ear a little. I dont know if my ear knocked into the harness of the rollercoaster, but I am afraid that my ear will look very odd when the earring is out and im playing sports.......Please help me!!! Is there any way to fix this??? :(
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replied March 5th, 2006
Cartlidge Peircing
I had both of my cartlidge peircings done at the same time. The first few days was fine on my but then I noticed the same thing you did. The only thing I found that works wonders on piercing infections is salt water. I actually bought a thing of sea salt that came with an attached grinder, I grinded a whole lot up and soaked a cotton ball in it and it took all the infection and soreness away I would reccommend it to anyone, hope this helps!
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replied December 17th, 2011
um hey i got my cartiage piercing right side the first day it felt weird and burning but thats just when i got get pierced then was itchy i mean really itchy now its making my ear hurt but i doesnt hurt at all time mines not swolling or red just be carefull what you do to it like today trust me i bumped it omg it hurted relly bad i wanted to cry then i tried to take my sweat shirt off and i bump it omg that hurt now im ok i clean it 3-4 times a day im 12 hope i helped and i clean it with achole or salt water (:
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