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Acid Reflux Won't Go Away!

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Hi, i've been experiencing symptoms of acid reflux since early may. I am 19 years old and went promptly to the doctor knowing it was reflux (my mom has it and has the same exact symptoms). The only thing is after 2 months of prilosec and 2 weeks of nexium (most recently) nothing has stopped it. For a while i'll be absolutely fine like I wont even notice it, but then for no reason it comes back with a veangence and I feel like my stomach is going to explode. I dont have that much heartburn, but my stomach feels like it's distended even four or five hours after eating a meal. I also get a pain right between my shoulder blades and all throughout my abdomen. The doctor's have ruled out ibs, pancreas disorders, kidney, liver, problems etc. (through blood tests and exams). Just wish it would go away, i'm only 19 extremely fit and healthy and far from being overweight. I drink a moderate amount at school, but havent drunk at all this summer, I also dont do drugs or even drink soda. I hate acid reflux :x
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replied February 14th, 2009
Calcium is the answer to Acid Reflux
Wow.. I am a severe case of bad acid reflux. I have tried everything and it won't go away. I'm on the right diet and doing everything the doctors are telling me. Well I tried taking Calcium 500mg a day after reading Calcium cuts acid ... it worked -- it was the only thing that put the fire out! I feel relief for the very first time!
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