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Swelling Lump On Roof of the Mouth = Mouth Cancer?

I have a lump on the roof of my mouth towards the back corner. It comes and goes. It used to not happen too often but now I get it every few days, usaully after I eat something. It appears as a little, hard bump and then swells larger and larger until it eventually pops, like a blister or pimple(yeah, I know, kind of gross). Even when it's gone I can still feel a kind of hardness beneath the skin.
It first started to appear about 7 months ago.

I'm worried it could be mouth cancer. I don't smoke or chew tobbaco. As for my research on the internet, the only matching smptoms i've seen is mouth cancer.
I don't think mocucele diagnosis matches.

I'm kind of afraid to go to the dentist. I don't have any kind of insurance or anything.
Has anyone seen a similiar symptom to this that wasn't mouth cancer?
Anyway, thanks for your time in reading this.
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First Helper bemartz

replied April 1st, 2008
roof of mouth swelling
I have the same problem except my bumps are not hard they are soft and almost feel like they are filled with water. they are tender to the touch mostly worse when I eat, and usually almost unnoticeable the rest of the time until i think about it. I found some stuff about mucous retention cysts which are salivary glands that leaks into the tissue to cause it to swell until it 'pops'. I think that may be the case. Nothing life threatening:)
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replied April 2nd, 2008
you will need a panoramic radiography and a dentist diagnosis
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