Hey everyone.
I really never thought that i'd be doing this, 4 years down the line, and i'm slowly recovering from anorexia --> builimia, its just i've been seeing a psychologist lately, and hes been going through a process called cbt - cognitive behavioural therapy, but fo rme it doesnt seem to be working, because i've always had a severe anxious personality, havign en ed affected me really bad, and I still have terrible body image and confidence problems, although my eating is back on trach (despite putting on weight im 5'4 and 122lbs, which isnt bad but im a really curvy build and heavy busted), I still get really really down to the point of hatign myself and wanting to self-harm - a problem which id thought id logn got over. I'm hoping to go to uni next year but im scared my confidence will affect this as it has affected all my past relationsjips with friends and also with my current boyfriend...
I really just need some advice,
thanks, bye everyone, x x x
hope you are all okay. (hugs)
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replied August 9th, 2005
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Hiya meygan, I am glad to hear that you trying to recover. You are worth so much more than this ed...Everyone is.

Ed certaibly affects you body- image and puts down your confidence...But the best thing you can do to get it back is to continue doing the things you like and trying new things. Anxiety can be overcome (are you taking any meds for this?)

try talking to a counselor or someone...Somethimes that's all you need.
Ihope you feel better, sorry I couldn't guve you better advice. Take care.
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